September 11th, 2010


[links] Link salad in the Rose City

Lois Tilton reviews the current issue of Realms of Fantasy for Locus Online — Including my story "The Fall of the Moon".

Hot Tub Planet — Intelligent design, indeed. (Thanks to willyumtx.)

Burlington Zephyr: 1939 — Mmm, linestreaming. Speaking of design...

Hundreds of thousands of centenarians go missing in JapanJapan's Justice Ministry said Friday that more than 230,000 centenarians are missing and probably dead. Family neglect and corruption are factors.

Gay Marriage Destroys Civilization Itself (Again!) — Ah, the rational, measured tones of conservative rhetoric.

Engineering Terror — Why do so many right wing terrorists (both Islamic and Christian) come from engineering backgrounds? The nominal question may be a statistical artifact, but I was struck at the contrast the article drew between extremist movements that look to a perfected past and those that look to a perfected future. (Via goulo and willyumtx.)

Top Ways 9/11 Broke Islamic LawEvery time Americans tear down Islam, Bin Laden gets a little bit of what he wanted. Thank you, GOP.

Dangers of Americanism — Some sadly wishful thinking from the usually clear-minded conservative commentator Daniel Larison about the allegedly minimal role of Christianists in the modern GOP. Reminds me of a conservative friend back in the Moral Majority days who argued passionately that the Religious Right was a fabrication of the liberal media. Considering Republicans have been riding that horse hard since their post-Nixon comeback (it's 2/3s of "God, guns and gays"), that's a ridiculous assertion on the face of the facts.

?otD: When is a rose not a rose not a rose?

Writing time yesterday: 0.5 hours
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.25 (fitful)
This morning's weigh-in: 247.8
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 2/10 (fatigue, peripheral neuropathy)
Currently reading: Conspirator by CJ. Cherryh


[personal|cancer] Getting back on the horse

...or perhaps getting back under the horse, for my next trampling.

Back home and once again life's inevitabilities are closing in. Our vacation in New Zealand and Australia was excellent for taking my mind off cancer and its discontents, even with substantial discussion of the issue along the way with many friends and acquaintances. However, this is Saturday of the week before my next cancer surgery, and a young man's fancy turns lightly towards thoughts of tumors.

Laying low this weekend, mostly Doing Nothing and working on the Kalimpura outline. I'm a bit behind my own writing schedule, but have not yet consumed the available slack, so I'm not going to fash myself unduly. Reconnecting with friends and family as I can. Back to work on Monday, Tuesday is my pre-surgery dinner party, Wednesday is pre-op day at the hospital (I think I have either four or five different appointments) and Thursday I have the left lobe of my liver removed. I expect to be discharged from the hospital the following Monday or so. Once the pathology is done on the lesion in my left lobe, we'll know for sure, but the strong medical opinion is that I'll soon be enjoying another six-month round of chemo for this, my probable second metastasis.

As nancyfulda says of her cancer treatments, Not-Dying is time consuming.

My dear friend markbourne in Seattle is having his third go-round of cardiac issues in hospital this coming week as well. I wish I could be there for him and e_bourne, much as they had planned to be here for me and calendula_witch, but we'll just have to wave at one another from hospital beds 200 miles apart.

So, yeah, this horse sucks. But I'm still getting back on it. Either that, or be dragged behind the pale beast.


[photos] New Zealand: The Rimutakas and towns of the Wairarapa Valley

On the 29th of August, we headed out from Wellington in the State Limo for Cape Palliser, by way of the Rimutakas and the Wairarapa Valley. Here's a few photos of the first leg of the trip.

Looking west through the Rimutakas back towards Wellington, NZ.

The Fell Locomotive museum in Featherston, NZ, just east of the Rimutakas. Sadly, "Fell" is not a descriptive adjective, but the name of the builder.

Nearby, the Mini Fell? A steam-powered lawn tractor, perhaps.

Architectural detail in Greytown, NZ.

An interior.

Wallpaper close-up.

Some damned fine chocolate.

Me, laughing my head off over lunch in Martinborough, NZ.

As usual, more at the Flickr sets here, here, here and here.

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[personal] 9/11

I think maybe it's time to repost a poem I wrote at the time, about the hand-holding couple who jumped from the burning tower rather than face the flames. Though in truth, it was about them all.

Stepping off
Fire behind
Sky below
Holding hands
You fly like angels
Into history