September 16th, 2010


Signal boost--cross posting

calendula_witch here, posting for Jay; I'll just copy what I posted on mine own, and updates will follow on mine:

Just talked to the surgeon a few minutes ago...he said the surgery went "perfectly." They were able to do it laparoscopically, as planned, and with a smallish incision at that. jaylake's recovery should be pretty good; he might even go home Sunday, not Monday, depending on how he feels and eats and all that.

But the BEST news is that the surgeon does NOT think the lesion looks like cancer. Now, this is not at all definitive--we have to wait for the pathology report, mid-next-week, but in his opinion, this is not a met.

::insert weepy relief and joy and hope and, yet, caution here::

Now making all the phone calls and texts and posting on all the blogs and getting the word out and all that....

Jay's in recovery, and will probably be there another hour and a half or so, then he'll move to ICU and we'll be able to see him.

Oh whew, and wow, and, oh, to dare to hope?....???