January 7th, 2011


[links] Link salad is sitting on the launch pad watching the lightning down below

Amazing life: Fleeing Bolsheviks, fortunes won and lost, Tommy guns in Thailand and Shanghai romance — That is an astonishing obituary. (Thanks to danjite.)

Flying Machines, Amazing at Any Angle — This article is cool for a number of reasons, but I especially draw your attention to the phrase, "a cloud of laser-illuminated olive oil droplets". It is to boggle.

Scientists probe the idea of chronesthesia — Does this explain the predilection of some readers to mainline fantasy and SF?

Extreme Planet Makeover — A cool software toy from JPL. (Via @exoplanetology.)

Texas creationist McLeroy spins the educational disaster he created — Conservatism: making kids dumber by the year to guarantee future Republican votes. U!S!A!

Where Are the Atheists In Congress? — Hanging with the socialists, of course, plotting the downfall of Real America. Or maybe not. Still, with political representation like this, I can see why Christianists feel so marginalized in this country.

God was behind Big Bang, pope says — Ok guys, if you're going to insist on a magical creation story, could you at least pick just one to be only revealed truth? All these different, conflicting absolutely true words of God confuse a poor atheist like me. (Thanks to SH.)

?otD: Is the man up in the tower enjoying the show?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (went to the_child's basketball game instead)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.5 hours (solid)
Weight: 251.6
Currently reading: Salamanca by Dean Francis Alfar


[personal|child] Quick updatery, and basketball

No Sunspin yesterday. the_child had her first middle school league basketball game, forty minutes away from here. ZOMG, it was riveting. (Who knew?)

The two teams ended the fourth quarter tied. They played a short overtime quarter, each scored four points, and ended that tied. the_child was fast, agile and smart, making at least three baskets on a stolen ball and a swift, full court sprint. She also went out twice with injuries, thankfully nothing too serious, but seeing her crying in pain on the floor was awful. Seeing her get up and play again afterward was inspiring.

After that, I had dinner with a dear friend. I'm off to Seattle this afternoon. See some, all or none of you around the joint.

the_child, with the ball.

Scoreboard, end of the fourth quarter.

Scoreboard, end of the overtime period.

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