January 14th, 2011


[links] Link salad gains weight

The Lakeshore Drive-by: Jay Lake — In which I am briefly interviewed by Angela Slatter.

Publishing Brands — Andrew Wheeler on imprints.

Vintage New YorkDark Roasted Blend with some awfully cool photos.

Different Records, Same Warming TrendThe four records are unequivocal: the world has warmed since 1880, and the last decade has been the warmest on record. Yep, climate change is definitely a liberal plot. Those dastards have even managed to rig the data for the past hundred years. Must be nice to be a conservative and know you're right no matter how much the facts are biased against you.

House Republicans Remove "Civil Rights" and "Labor" From Committee Names — That'll fix them there Socialists! (Thanks to danjite.)

Over 9,000 Murders by Gun in US; 39 in UKIn the case of Britain, firearms murders are 48 times fewer than in the US. No wonder Second Amendment enthusiasts don't believe that limiting access to firearms would limit the gun death rate. It's both common sense, and it works in Europe. Therefore it can't possibly be true.

Bachmann: CBO is Bad When I DisagreeRepublicans who in the past have praised the CBO and relied on its scores to support policies that they advocate have now suddenly decided that the CBO is a fraud. But Michele Bachmann took this hypocrisy one step further, slamming the CBO in one breath and citing their figures in the next breath. She did this on Fox News, of course, so no one noticed.

?otD: What food would you give up last?

Writing time yesterday: 0.5 hours (WRPA, editing)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.0 hours (solid)
Weight: 252.4
Currently reading: Salamanca by Dean Francis Alfar


[personal|cancer] Doggedly I trudge, aimless as a Scud

Yesterday was stupidly busy in all the good ways. I managed a full tranche of Day Jobbery, two rounds of revisions on the latest short story — the second to editorial direction — caught the_child's basketball game in which her team won to bring their record for the season to 1-1-1 (she is one of those athletes who is a joy to watch in motion), had both a delightful lunch and a delightful dinner. I also popped by the hospital for my blood draws pending my upcoming oncology followups.

I'm seeing my medical oncologist in two weeks, and my surgical oncologist in three. These are office visits, the big scary testing doesn't happen til April. Still, going into the lab was a reminder of that other side of my life I don't happen to be living at the moment. OHSU was being unusually efficient and my results posted yesterday afternoon. Everything looked pretty normal to me, but that's not especially surprising. My bloodwork has never been much of a reflection of my cancer status.

Taking it slower the next couple of days as I need to buckle back into Sunspin starting after work today. I'm still planning on catching the radio play of The Hobbit tomorrow afternoon at the McMenamin's Kennedy School, and a brunch on Sunday with a friend, otherwise mostly in for the weekend.

Next week, Omaha's cold beckons. I may be off to St. Louis the week after.

Also, I rather liked the interview with Paul London I posted a couple of days ago. Sometime in the next week or two I'll post an open call for interview questions. Not sure how I'll format or approach that, but if you've got something you'd like to see me address about writing, cancer or life, think on how you want to frame it to me.

* For bonus points, can you identify the lyric in the subject without resorting to teh Googles?