February 6th, 2011


[links] Link salad is gonna cook today

Orbital Mechanics for Werewolves — The title of this Science In My Fiction post pretty much says it all.

Mr. Tact still thinks I'm an idiot — But he has some good advice about backing up your work.

Language Log on unusual words for precipitation — Including "graupel", a word I've been seeking for a long time, as we very occasionally see this in the Pacific Northwest. It describes "small soft white ice particles that fall as hail or snow". When that happens, it's sort of like the sky is gently pouring down vermiculite, or shredded styrofoam.

Princesse Ghislaine de Polignac — Now that's a hell of an obituary. (Via danjite.)

An Egyptian artists photographs the protests — (Via silvertwi.)

Archaeology and the Flood of Irrationality — A rather nice squib on faith-based thinking and evidence. (Thanks to lt260.)

Five myths about Ronald Reagan's legacyThe Washington Post on the Republicans' greatest imaginary president.

Sarah Palin is no Ronald Reagan, says Reagan's son Ron, Jr. — Frankly, neither was Ronald Reagan. So many things wrong with the assumptions in that lede.

?otD: Do you prefer to start down and hike up, or start up and hike down?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (3,400 new words on Sunspin book one)
Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Hours slept: 6.75 hours (solid)
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[politics|healthcare] Dear GOP - the collective you are an Idiot

Originally posted by ladyqkat at Dear GOP - the collective you are an Idiot

(Post originally seen in this post by [info]ramblin_phyl. I have been notified that it was originally posted by [info]suricattus in her journal post. The story and words are hers, but I do believe that it needs to go viral and that as many people as possible need to get their stories out there. Only by making a noise about this can we make a change in our society.)

There is a move afoot in the nation -driven by the GOP - to repeal the new health care laws, to protect corporate interests, to defend against fear-mongering (and stupid) cries of "socialism!", and to ensure that people are forced to choose between keeping a roof over their heads or getting necessary health care.

This movement is killing people.

Think I'm overstating the fact?

Ask the friends and family of writer/reviewer Melissa Mia Hall, who died of a heart attack last week because she was so terrified of medical bills, she didn't go see a doctor who could have saved her life.

From another writer friend: One person. Not the only one. That could have been me. Yeah, I have access to insurance -- I live in New York City, which is freelancer-friendly, and have access to freelancer advocacy groups. Through them, I can pay over $400/month ($5,760/year) as a single, healthy woman, so that if I go to the hospital I'm not driven to bankruptcy. But a doctor's appointment - a routine physical - can still cost me several hundred dollars each visit. So unless something's terribly wrong? I won't go.

My husband worked for the government for 30 years. We have government employee (retired) insurance. It is the only thing of value he took away from that job. His pension is pitiful. He still works part time. My writing income has diminished drastically. Our combined income is now less than what it was before T retired fifteen years ago. Inflation has diminished it further. In the last 30 days I have racked up over $8000 in medical bills for tests and the beginning of treatment. Our co-pay is 20% after the deductible. And there is more to come. Our savings are already gone. I have the gold standard of insurance and I still can't pay all the medical bills.

Another friend lost her insurance when her husband lost his job. She couldn't afford medication and ended up bed ridden for three months at the end of over a year of no job and therefore no insurance until he found work again.

It's our responsibility. All of us, together. As a nation.

EtA: Nobody is trying to put insurance companies out of business. They will always be able to offer a better plan for a premium. We simply want to ensure that every citizen - from infant to senior citizen - doesn't have to choose between medical care, and keeping a roof over their heads, or having enough to eat.

We're trying to get this to go viral. Pass it along.