February 17th, 2011


[links] Link salad talks about politics for a change

Borders Refuses to Pay the RentScrivener's Error with a cogent (and depressing) post on the Borders bankruptcy. A must-read if you're a working author or publishing industry type.

The Civil War tank? — Mmm, land monitors. (Thanks to [info]goulo.)

Mississippi Metro Map — An interesting way of looking at the largest river in the United States.

To Talk With Aliens, Learn to Speak With Dolphins — Scientists communicate with cetaceans.

You can help improve ASR — This is actually something I deal with in the Day Jobbe.

Presidential Medal of Freedom given to former president George H.W. Bush, 14 others — Hey, let's reward corruption and incompetence some more! Just like we did in the most recent elections! Oh, well, at least it wasn't Bush 43. (Via [info]danjite.)

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war — There were lies involved in our entry to the Iraq War? Inconceivable...

The Tea Party and civil liberties — Glenn Greenwald on the reauthorization of the so-called Patriot Act. The war on civil liberties in the U.S. is a fully bipartisan endeavor, and no effective opposition is possible through fealty to either of the two parties.

Boehner the budget hawk shifts his course — A million jobs to be lost, and he says "so be it". That's leadership. Are you proud of your Republican party?

Out of Control in the House"A lot of us freshmen don't have a whole lot of knowledge about how Washington, D.C., is operated," Representative Kristi Noem, a Republican of South Dakota, told the Conservative Political Action Conference last week. "And, frankly, we don't really care." Which is why electing you was such an excellent choice on the part of your constituents. I have never understood the political appeal of Know-Nothingism.

Why is Glenn Beck freaking out over Egypt and a caliphate?"For the first time, you began to see a lot of really serious conservatives taking on Beck and people like that, and saying, you know, your theories are just wacky," Brooks said. As opposed to the utterly reasonable theories of most of the Republican congressional delegation, or anyone else on FOX News? That's either hysterically funny or frighteningly sad.

?otD: Who would you vote for if the next U.S. presidential election were today?

Writing time yesterday: 2.5 hours (copy edits on Endurance)
Body movement: 30 minutes on stationary bike
Hours slept: 7.0 hours (interrupted)
Weight: 252.6
Currently reading: Dead Iron by Devon Monk


[writing|conventions] Off to RadCon, Endurance notes

I'm off to RadCon this afternoon. Carpooling with [info]camillealexa, which will be nice. Supposed to go on a Hanford tour Friday morning — those have always been fascinating. Then programming begins, and a nice long weekend with a thousand of my closest friends.

I'm most of the way done with the Endurance copy edits. Next week I'll commence working on the next chunk of Calamity of So Long a Life. I may put it off a day or three more to knock out a short story, but in any case I'll be writing. Depending on how RadCon goes, I'll get the copy editing done as well as that possible short project done while I'm there. I'm not holding myself to any hard expectations on that.

There's been an interesting dissonance in reading Endurance for copy edit. I finished drafting Kalimpura not so long ago, and I keep seeing ahead, as it were. Asking myself idiotic questions such as, "Why did Green do this when she already... Oh, that's the next book." The dangers of multivolume projects, I suppose.

I love writing at this pace. It feels good. After the chaos and stress of the past year and more, I really hope I get to hang on to this feeling, this state of energy flow, for quite some time to come.