March 19th, 2011


[links] Link salad has another day in the sun

Don't Call Me, I Won't Call You — The rise and fall of the phone call.

Why aren't more women airline pilots?

Why don't journalists link to primary sources?

Japan Earthquake not the "Big One"? — An article by a friend of mine.

?otD: Would you like a crocodile?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (3,100 words on Sunspin)
Body movement: 50 minutes of meadow walking
Hours slept: 5.5 hours (solid)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: A Bard's Eye View, ed. Michael A. Ventrella; Honeyed Words by J.A. Pitts


[conventions] ICFA, day 2

Yesterday: Woke up. Walked in the fields. Cleaned up. Went to a delightful reading alongside Kit Reed and Paul Park. (Theme: Writers whose names are four-letter words.) Wrote on the pier over the lake. Hung out by the pool. Drank. Hung out by the pool. Ate dinner. Hung out by the pool. Drank. Hot tubbed. Slept.

Today: Write on the pier. Hang out by the pool. Joint interview with Joe Haldeman. Drink. Hang out by the pool. Eat. Hang out by the pool. Drink. Hot tub.