April 23rd, 2011


[links] Link salad is subdued today

Making Light on Yog's Law — Money always flows toward the author.

Scrivener's Error on copyright, parody and related matters

The Struggle to Spread the Minority Report InterfaceFew moviegoers realized this wasn't a special-effects fantasy. It was a working system called gspeak[.]

IBM PC inventor explains how Control + Alt + Delete was born — (Thanks to Dad.)

?otD: Convention much?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (convention day)
Body movement: to come
Hours slept: 5.5 hours (solid)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: Nifft the Lean by Michael Shea


[conventions}cancer] Norwescon Day 2, the PET scan

Laid low most of yesterday. I did make my one panel for the day, which was pretty fun, then a Ken Scholes reading, then the Water For Quarks release party, then a group dinner. That pretty much burned me out.

This is very unlike my normal behavior, at Cons or otherwise. The cancer stress is still happening, still settling in.

On the plus side, got the PET results late yesterday afternoon. Everything is as expected, no metastatic bloom. Life is very weird when a 35 mm tumor is good news, but almost all the alternatives were somewhere between far worse and fatal. So that is good news.

I'm hoping to have a more normal-for-Jay Con day today. And I'll be more visible than I have been, I think.