July 9th, 2011


[links] Link salad lazes on Saturday morning

Outer Alliance Spotlight #83: Diversity is Hard

The Last Dollar on EarthScrivener's Error on, among other things, the latest in the Borders bankruptcy.

Translationese — Some language neepery from Language Log.

Atlantis Rides Into History

What happened to the American flags on the moon?

The World's Greatest Light Bulb

?What The Bleep Is the United Kingdom — In case you were wondering. (And btw, I am quite annoyed by blogs that use ALL CAPS for their heading, because it makes extra work to post a link. Totally unnecessary.)

Today's Special at Wal-Mart: Something Weird

Income = Happiness? — Which in turn reminds of me of the bizarre phrase, "Poor but honest". It seems to me that dishonesty is far more associated with ill-gotten gains than with lack of gains.

Japan's Kan says nuclear clean-up could take decades

Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive — So far as I can tell, the penalties for destruction of evidence are often less than the penalties for the crime being concealed. Remember Fawn Hall shredding the Iran-Contra documents while the FBI politely delayed their raid?

It's Like They're Proud of Being Ignorant — Ta-Nehisi Coates on Michele Bachmann. And they are proud of their ignorance. Willful ignorance and anti-intellectualism are a cornerstone of Palinite conservatism. C.f. evolution denial as a political issue. Conservative wisdom explicitly says that a regular guy you'd want to have a beer with is more fit to run the country than someone with an advanced education and political experience. That's pride in ignorance in a nutshell.

White Supremacist StampedeA startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office. Hmm. I wonder how many of them are running as liberal-progressives?

?otD: Do you support further manned spaceflight?

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