July 11th, 2011


[links] Link salad flies back to the West Coast

Kevin J. Anderson on ebook pricing

The Syntax of Photography

One-Ninety: 1912 — A little more steam for your punk.

The Culture of Combat Rations — This is weirdly fascinating. Too bad they didn't cover the old C-rations. Orange nut roll, anyone?

Dilbert and conversational implicature — One of my favorite Dilbert moments at work was some years ago in a former job when I was formally counseled about my use of the words "concision" and "brevity" in an internal memo, because in using such words I was allegedly deliberately making other employees feel stupid.

The Internet is Filling Up With Dead People And There's Nothing We Can Do About ItOn the web, you can't die so much as join the ranks of the undead.

The Birth of Religion — A fascinating article on religion and agriculture. With some awesome photos. (Thanks to my Dad.)

What Does the Bible Actually Say About Marriage?It's high time people came clean about how we use the Bible. We're looking at you, Christianists. The Bible has a hell of a lot more to say about poverty and usury than it does about marriage or homosexuality. And let's face it, Jesus wasn't exactly living the heterosexual American family values life himself.

The Voter Fraud Con Comes to Kansas — Laws addressing voter fraud are a consistent GOP tactic to suppress the votes of poor Americans, who largely vote Democratic. Much like GOP views on tax cuts, the numbers have never supported the rhetoric. Chalk up another loss for reality in the face of conservative ideology.

?otD: Going anywhere today?

Writing time yesterday: 0.25 hours
Body movement: n/a (airport walking to come)
Hours slept: 6.25 hours (interrupted)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord


[travel] The joys of flying as a cancer patient

One thing I've learned about TSA screening is that if you approach the security area wearing a hat or gloves, you will always be randomly selected for additional screening. Apparently having peripheral neuropathy profiles one as flying while Muslim. So I routinely remove my hat and gloves now to be a compliant flyer and avoid the hassle. Still, it's more than a little weird.

Now TSA is warning us of surgically implanted explosives. Speaking as someone with an implanted medical device (chemotherapy access port in my right chest, a hollow titanium knob almost the size of a golf ball) and multiple surgery scars festooning my abdomen and chest, I'm pretty sure this will make me a high risk flyer once TSA starts scanning for evidence of surgical history.

Which, if it becomes true, will just piss me off. Basically, the sickest travelers will be in the high risk pool. We will be forced to explain, or possibly document, our medical histories. On top of the myriad indignities of serious illness will be heaped the ingenious indignities of TSA.

Meanwhile, yesterday in America, almost 90 people died from gun violence, almost 1,700 were killed by poor diet and a lack of exercise and a little over 1,200 were killed from smoking cigarettes. No people using the air transit system were killed by surgery patients or persons wearing hats and gloves.

Feel safer yet?