August 9th, 2011


[links] Link salad pulls up to your bumper

How to become a great writer — Snerk.

Work Schedule — Structured creativity. James Gurney on his production schedule for Dinotopia: The World Beneath. I do something similar, albeit less elaborate, when I'm working on a novel. How many of you writers know before you start when you're going to finish? How many of you write accordingly?

WorldCon announces record Hugo voter turnout — W00t!

Writing contemplations — Reesa Brown on cancer, writing and life. Her journey through cancer is much more difficult than mine.

Japan's Tsunami Rips Icebergs Double the Size of Manhattan From Antarctica

NASA researchers find DNA building blocks can be made in space

Gloria Steinem Still Wants MoreShe's spent decades on the front lines of the fight for women's rights. But America's leading feminist says this is no time to settle.

Five myths about Mormonism — A bit on the rosy side (read up on the history of Mormonism and people of color, for example), but so what? I don't care what religion the president is, as they're all the same species of intellectual fillip from my perspective. It's not like we're ever going to get a rational empiricist for president. Bonus question: what church did the great religious conservative hero Ronald Reagan attend while president?

Mitt Romney: Downgrade 'not simply' president Obama's fault"His failed policies have led to high unemployment, skyrocketing deficits, and now, the unprecedented loss of our nation's prized AAA credit rating," Romney said. And Romney narrowly avoids a collision with the facts. As every Republican knows, we ended the Bush administration with a budget surplus, falling deficits, high employment and strong economic growth.

A downgrade’s GOP fingerprints — The Right's blaming this on Obama is the hostage taker blaming their victim.

What Happened to Obama? — A lot of us are wondering this. Yes, he inherited a mess from intransigent fools. All Obama has done is make a bigger mess while catering to those same intransigent fools, who are busily quite successfully blaming him for their political misdeeds.

?otD: Did you create something yesterday?

Writing time yesterday: 1.25 hours (2,900 words on Sunspin)
Body movement: 30 minutes stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (solid)
Weight: 226.2
Currently reading: A Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik


[personal] Things which are irking me

It wouldn't be the Internet without some ranting going on from time to time. And, well, the annoyances have been mounting lately. Allow me to gripe...

  1. Lately, NetFlix streaming and my AppleTV have not been getting along. It keeps refusing to load, even though NetFlix streaming works fine on my Mac and my iPad. (@jeremiahtolbert gave me the hint to unplug the AppleTV, which seems to have cleared the problem.)

  2. Yesterday the "/" key on my MacBook Pro got stuck in the active position, so that the computer endlessly typed ////////. Which made it kind of hard to log in when I rebooted to try to clear this. [info]the_child figured out this behavior only occurred when the external drives were plugged in via USB. Which is baffling, as I've had those particular drives for months. I'm going in to the Genius Bar today to have this looked at, though I recognize I may simply need to replace the USB hub. I just don't see how a drive stack can force a key command.

  3. Yesterday, a low grade issue with Day Jobbe HR about my medical leave for surgery erupted into a major issue. Which was resolved, but what a thing to have to deal with.

  4. My body still aches like crazy, though, admittedly, it doesn't hurt like hell. Just as I really start to feel better, chemo will return. Cancer sucks.

  5. The intransigence of domestic politics seems to be irritating me a lot more lately. Counterfactuals have been fully enshrined in the rhetoric of the Right, protected by the 'liberal media' meme which allows politicians and voters alike to comfortably shrug off actual data and countervailing evidence as liberal lies. The Center has folded, essentially conceding the intellectual and policy debate to the Right. The Left hasn't existed in national politics during my lifetime. Irksome, all of it.

On the plus side, I wrote 2,900 words on Sunspin yesterday. Which makes up for a lot.