August 28th, 2011


[links] Link salad is juiced on the pump

A Fistful of Dub — Mmm.

Ca. 1930: View from the gondola of a zeppelin.

Twittering With AliensSiMF talking to, and about, birds.

New York Prisoners Left In The Path of Hurricane Irene

Glenn Beck’s Ignorance of Science — Right. Because evolution is only a theory. So is gravity, Glenn, but it’s just as demonstrable. Maybe you and your conservative wilful ignorance could step off a high building to prove to your listeners the value of a scientific theory. Feel free to pray all the way down.

?otD: FOLFIRI, anyone?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemotherapy)
Body movement: n/a (chemotherapy)
Hours slept: 14.0 hours (overnight plus naps, yikes!)
Weight: 225.8
Currently reading: The Magician King by Lev Grossman

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