September 5th, 2011


[links] Link salad on Labor Day

Don’t forget the new Endurance ARC contest: [ | LiveJournal ]

Slacktivist on the religious progressive view of labor

Ancient menagerie uncovered in Australia’s Nullarbor — (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

FEMA Uses the Waffle House Index to Determine Hurricane Threat

Scenes From a Multiverse takes on right wing denialism — Hahaha. (Thanks to [info]goulo.)

Michael Moore, Triumphant?In a new memoir, the controversial filmmaker opens up about his life. He talks about the vitriol he faced after 9/11, and why he thinks the last decade has proved him right.

Why Do Conservatives Get a Pass?Perry’s views are getting denounced by all the usual lefty suspects but not much by anyone else. And the reason for this is something very odd: In modern America, conservatives are largely given a pass for saying crazy things. They’re just not taken seriously, in a boys-will-be-boys kind of way.

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the CultI left because I was appalled at the headlong rush of Republicans, like Gadarene swine, to embrace policies that are deeply damaging to this country’s future; and contemptuous of the feckless, craven incompetence of Democrats in their half-hearted attempts to stop them. Long, but definitely worth the read. Especially if you’re a conservative. (Thanks to [info]goulo.)

?otD: What are you doing with your Monday off? Or do you even have this Monday off?

Writing time yesterday: 1.5 hours (2,500 words on Sunspin, including some editorial work)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.25 hours (solid)
Weight: 223.4
Currently reading: Endurance by Alfred Lansing

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[cancer] Department of things that make me say “ouch”

It seems a little late for onset, but for the past couple of days I’ve been having bone-and-joint pain in my lower back and hips, which is a known Neulasta side effect. Strong enough flashes of pain to make me stop whatever I’m doing and have to focus. If I sit still in a comfortable position, they don’t bother me so much, but if I am moving, or transitioning from seated to standing or vice versa, there they are.

Go me. Stoopid cancer.

That is all. You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

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[process] Minor note on Sunspin and outlines

Still closing in on the end of Calamity of So Long a Life, a/k/a Sunspin volume one. A pair of little process data points have made themselves known to me over the past couple of days. I thought I’d share in the spirit of writerly fellowship, and not suffering alone.

1) When writing a trilogy as one single plot arc, in effect one giant 600,000 word book, the muddle in the middle phenomenon can in fact take place at the end of what is functionally the first book. This may be the first time I’ve ever finished drafting a novel (and this is my eighteenth novel written) where I’ve reached the very end with that slightly confused and disappointed feeling. Normally books wrap up for me with a swift downhill haul and Fred, my inner writer mind, shouting “Wheeee!!!!”. This ought to make the second book entertaining, and suggests an epic finish for the third.

2) Per above, my relationship with the outline isn’t what it normally would be. Yesterday I finished a scene where Maduabuchi St. Macaria and Freddie Tavares are about to meet for the first time about halfway through what the outline called for at the end of Calamity. (Having just written not one but two shuttle crashes, gunfire, near-drowning, and bureaucratic snark. How much better can it get?) I realized I need to push the balance of the scene into book two, The Whips and Scorns of Time, so that these two character threads end on an appropriate note of tension and ill-resolution at the end of Calamity. See above re how I normally approach the ending of novels. At the moment I’m having a bad case of outline interruptus, which is sort of like that guilty tingling if you don’t wash your hands after you pee.

This trilogy thing is harder than it looks.

(You do wash your hands after you pee, right?)

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