March 22nd, 2012


[links] Link salad is back where it belongs

The auction for Mark's bench starts today — Go check it out and support a terrific goal.

Interview: Jay Lake — Adam Israel of the Inkpunks interviews me about submission practices.

“Keep Working” — Writer wisdom for the ages. (Via Myke Cole.)

Fact and fiction — Tom Tomorrow on how stories are framed.

How ‘Hunger Games’ Built Up Must-See Fever — Interesting piece on the subtleties of movie marketing.

Mercury Surprises: Tiny Planet Has Strange Innards and Active Past — Much like myself.

Revision to temperature measurements doesn’t change global warming — Because self-correction is what science does. Ideology doesn't have self-correction mechanisms, and ideology based on willful ignorance can't even encompass the possibility of self-correction mechanisms. I know which I trust.

Not just the weather: climate change acceptance nosedives with the economy — Effects like this baffle me.

Komen race donation drop in S. Ariz. is called 'crisis' — It's a damned shame that the quite appropriate tarnishing of the Komen brand for playing typical conservative anti-woman games has such a direct effect on the women and the cause Komen was purporting to serve. I won't ever be donating to a Komen event again, but I will continue to support women's issues in general and breast cancer research in particular. (Via [info]shsilver.)

Paula Smith, the purveyor of the offensive "Don't re-nig" bumper sticker, insisted to Forbes's Roger Friedman that it's not racist — Both a racist idiot and a liar, apparently. Are you proud of your Republican party? (Snurched from [info]kradical.)

Forced castrations reportedly found in Roman Catholic care — This would the same Catholic Church that Santorum takes his moral compass from.

In U.S., a growing unease at mixing politics with prayer — Honestly, this shocks me. I thought conservatives had won this culture war so thoroughly that most people no longer even recognized it as a destructive issue.

Romney's big day marred by Etch A Sketch remark

'I'm completely shocked': Tea Party Marine who 'said he wouldn't follow orders from Obama' faces charges — Right. Shocked. Idiot or poser?

?otd: Home or away?

Writing time yesterday: 4.75 hours (1.5 hours on a short story of 2,900 words, 3.25 hours on Little Dog)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bicycle ride
Hours slept: 6.25 (solid)
Weight: 240.2
Currently reading: Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch


[personal|travel] Home from Texas

I got home from Texas yesterday afternoon. Managed to jam in some good work on the Little Dog synopsis, including an audio readthrough. Also wrote a requested short called "The Cancer Catechism". I may have overshot the mark a bit on that one, it's a lot more intense than the market might be wanting. I guess I'll find out when I send it in.

Yesterday when I posted about Tuesday's open dinner, as my cousin N— reminded me, I totally forgot to talk about the funniest part. Shortly after we'd been seated, and a while before our party filled the table, people started coming up to us and asking if we were atheists. This happened three or four times in the space of fifteen minutes. We were absolutely baffled as to what was going on. It was hilarious.

Turns out the Atheist Meetup was happening that night at Threadgill's, and we'd accidentally been given their usual table. The hostess had confused us with that group — I can't imagine why.

Little Dog is now off for some expert reading on gender issues in the book. "The Cancer Catechism" is now off to my usual gang of first readers. And, erm, there's this radio interview today.

What, me, busy?


[child] The eighth grade project presentations

Last night, Mother of the Child and I went to the eighth grade project presentations. [info]tillyjane was there as well, along with Mom and Dad, [info]mlerules, and [info]maryrobinette, who had been [info]the_child's mentor on her project of building a marionette.

[info]the_child went first by her own request. She wanted to be done to get past her nerves. She did brilliantly. All eighteen kids in the class presented, projects ranging from training pack goats to working in recreational therapy for medically fragile children. It was a pretty amazing list of accomplishments. Though I'm pretty sure any of the kids would have said giving their presentation was the hardest part.

I'm terribly proud of [info]the_child, and of all her classmates. Today is my third and last round of guest teaching with the eighth grade, and I will be sure to tell them that.


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