May 3rd, 2012


[links] Link salad has been hauled away by Mr. Peabody's coal train

More Bad Book Covers — A blogger takes umbrage with book covers on one my Tor books, and one of Seanan McGuire's books.

Fine-tuning Nanotech to Target CancerProgrammable nanoparticles have shown promise in early cancer trials, and may finally fulfill the promise of nanomedicine.

Freezing TimeTargeting the briefest moment in chemistry may lead to an exceptionally strong new class of drugs. Wow, does that headline sound like a story title.

Oldest human blood cells found in well-preserved 'iceman,' say scientistsOldest human blood cells: Discovered in 1991, the body of a man who was felled by an arrow in the Alps some 5,300 years ago still has intact red blood cells, scientists have discovered.

10 strange fast food items abroad — Strange from a USAnian perspective, of course.

Finally, a Shark With a Laser — Because sometimes life just has to imitate art.

1859's "Great Auroral Storm"—the week the Sun touched the earth

A Mélange of Ice — What a beautiful photo.

Student left in cell 4 days recalls hallucinations — The War on Drugs, keeping you safer since, well, never.

The Self-Made Myth: Debunking Conservatives' Favorite -- And Most Dangerous -- Fiction

Wife Of NC Amendment One Supporter: Husband Wrote Bill To Preserve ‘Caucasian Race’ — Ah, conservatives. Your racism and homophobia are just part of what makes us all love you so much. There is simply no liberal equivalent to this kind of institutionalized Republican lunacy, not outside the far fringes of the progressive movement.

Chris Christie’s Liabilities as GOP Running Mate — Heh.

'Hyperpartisan discussion' ends gay spokesman's stint with Romney — I continue to be fascinated by this story, mostly in wondering about the psychological train wreck that is any gay American working for the Republican party as it is constituted today.

?otd: Daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County, down by the Green River where Paradise lay?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (2,600 words on Their Currents Turn Awry)
Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 8.0 (fitful)
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[funny] Conversations in Omaha

On the way out of my hotel yesterday morning to head for work, I stopped to chat with the day manager, who was taking over from the night clerk. (I stay there so often we've all been on a first name basis for years.) We were discussing my burgeoning head of hair, and I mentioned that I'd managed to save the chest port from the recent surgery to remove it. We also talked about the fact that I had samples of my liver and my colon at home. She said, "Only a man would do that." I said, "I carried this stuff around in my body for months and years. Don't women keep their children?"

Later that same day, talking to a woman at the Day Jobbe office about the pronounciation of her unusual surname, she said to, "Yes, sometimes I look in the phone book for dates. I like to pick men with easy last names." This cracked me up.

Ah, Omaha. Comedy gold.


[conventions|repost] Announcing JayCon XII

This is a repost, which I will roll forward about once a month through the spring

In celebration of my natal anniversary, JayCon XII, my 12th annual 37th birthday party, is Saturday, June 9th, 2012 from 2 to 5 pm at the Flying Pie in SE Portland. We're partying because I was born, and because I have beat cancer again and again.

If you can read this, you're invited. Prior JayCon experience not required.

Note that I am announcing this early because people always tell me, "You should have told me sooner!" Except for the people who tell me, "It's too soon, remind me later." (Sometimes these are the same people.)

Flying Pie Pizzeria
7804 SE Stark Street
Portland, 97215
(503) 254-2016
[ Google Maps ]

As is traditional for JayCon, Paul M. Carpentier is specifically not invited.