June 25th, 2012


[links] Link salad falls into another week

Some Books Are More Equal Than Others — A middle school teacher is snotty about the classics versus that genre trash. Because, you know, you can't learn anything from reading genre.

The secret of nym — Ah, words.

You Will Want Google Goggles

Do You Really Believe What You Say You Believe? — A question I have often asked myself, as the vast majority of faith claims are so staggeringly improbable on the sheer face of things that I never quite believe the believers. A failure of my own imagination, obviously, but a sadly persistent one.

Here are some of the death threats sent to a climate scientist — Because when you don't have reality on your side, you're pretty much stuck with invective and lies. C.f. the entire conservative movement, essentially. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms — Mmm. Ethics. I expect no less from conservatives, but come on, Democrats. You're supposed to be the good guys.

Old vs. YoungThe Generation Gap is Back. Politics, American style.

US citizens leaving the country to avoid stiff tax bills — Now that's trickle down economics. (Via David Goldman)

Scalia's 'intellect and integrity' — He's a conservative. The ends will always justify the means, all the while decrying the evil of situationalist liberals. 'Nuff said.

?otD: When is your Monday?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.25 (solid)
Weight: 240.2
Currently reading: Shattering the Ley by Benjamin Tate


[photos] Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

Yesterday, I went with [info]tillyjane (a/k/a my mom) out to Skamania County, Washington, to the Skamania Lodge and the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. We went mostly to look at the big machinery out there, because that's one of my things. Lunch at the Lodge came first, but we spent most of our time at the Interpretive Center.

It was awesome to spend a free afternoon with my mother. Her recent health issues have settled well, and we had a lot to talk about. Plus the day was beyond gorgeous, perfect for cruising top down in the Genre car.

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[cancer] What's still missing

As of last week, I'm six months out of the second chemo series. I'm in good health. I'm happy, energetic, and about as good as I'm likely to get. I've been reflecting on what's missing, though. A few things will never be right.

My feet are still slightly numb. I have to look down more when I walk.

My lower GI continues erratic, even on my best days. (I have drugs for this when really needed.)

My erectile function continues erratic, even on my best days. (I have drugs for this when really needed.)

All of that I can live with. Annoying, sometimes greatly so, but small prices to pay. The one that troubles me more is subtle, almost elusive, but just as real as the other, more physiological signifiers.

My memory isn't what it used to be. I have weird holes, especially for things that have happened over the last three years. Not vast, gaping ones that make me obviously strange. But, for example, on seeing Ty Franck at the Locus Awards, I honestly couldn't remember ever meeting him before. He tells me we've had dinner. Last January when I saw Brent Weeks at Epic Confusion, I asked him if we'd ever met. In fact we had, several times, including some good conversations, and my daughter is a fan of his.

These are deeply embarrassing moments for me. Not remembering someone is one of the rudest things you can do. Most of my memory holes I can ignore or cover up, even from myself. But when I don't remember a person, well, that's hard to hide, especially if it catches me by surprise.

This is just something I have to live with. It doesn't trouble me deeply, or cause me to think ill of myself. It does make me sad. Because if I don't remember, how do I know what I'm missing?