August 18th, 2012


[links] Link salad is cold as a new razor blade

The Oatmeal is raising money for a Tesla museum

Papermoon Diner: A Toy Collector's Feast — Interesting diner in Baltimore. (Thanks to Lisa Costello.)

Ducktail Trailer: 1936 — A damn cool retro photo.

The Most Unappealing Color

New Trogloraptor spiders discovered in US caves

Are ‘Waterworlds’ Planets in Transition?

I don't believe in evidence-based sex — Hahahahahah. (And as usual, check the mouseover on SMBC.)

"Darwin Made It Up," Says Unevolved Representative — The conservative stupid is mind boggling. And people vote for this, by this logic. Surely under the GOP we get the government we deserve.

Scurrilous Ruffians!! — A cartoon that perfectly captures the Mittpocrisy.

?otD: Did you ever say that you were brave?

Writing time yesterday: 0.75 hours (WRPA)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 5.75 (solid)
Weight: 236.4
Currently reading: The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems by Henry Petroski


[cancer] Another update, mostly concerning the second opinion process

I have a second opinion appointment at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore on Friday, September 7th. This bumps my appointments here in Portland for the port implant surgery and chemotherapy back by a week, with the first chemo now falling on September 14th.

My insurance carrier is fully supporting this effort, including underwriting my travel expenses to go to Baltimore. So kudos to them, for doing something right for me without reservation. (I understand why they're doing it — not altruism, but rather enlightened self-interest.) I did discuss with a cancer case manager which of a number of hospitals to choose. They felt Johns Hopkins was as strong as other choices for my kind of cancer. This lets me visit Lisa Costello as well as my brother, who lives in the Washington, DC area. The selection was obvious.

I spent much of my afternoon yesterday arranging the appointment at Johns Hopkins, then re-arranging a number of other appointments at OHSU here in Portland. I also had to place a number of calls to ensure that records were properly transferred and so forth, a process that will probably continue into next week. September 7th is later than I would have hoped for, but still within a window of reasonability for me.

All in all, I spent several hours yesterday on an absurd amount of logistical planning. Which was both necessary and tedious. On the plus side, this kept me busy.

I continue to struggle a bit emotionally and psychologically with even asking for the second opinion. I know this is faulty thinking, I really need to do this as my life is quite literally on the line here, but I also feel like I'm picking a fight with my doctors. I will get over it, but the thought is rolling around in my head.

In the mean time, I am keeping next week's trip to Omaha on the schedule as planned. Likewise my trip on August 29th to Chicago for Worldcon. None of those plans are materially changed. If you're expecting to see me in Chicago, you still will.

However, instead of flying home on September 3rd then turning around and flying back to Baltimore on September 6th, I am simply heading straight from Chicago to Baltimore on the 3rd. I will then fly home over the weekend following the oncology appointment.

Of course, the treatment plan scheduled for my return is potentially subject to change based on a significantly varying second opinion from Johns Hopkins. If so, I will work with my oncology clinic to revisit all the appointments set for the week of September 9th.

In the mean time, we are laying all the groundwork for another chemo series. Jen Scholes is assembling the calendar for my primary caregivers. Other friends are stepping up in many other ways. As always, there will be numerous roles to fill, including transporting me to/from chemo and other appointments, visiting me when I'm not in chemo, helping me with household chores and shopping, and perhaps most importantly, everyone directly involved helping one another cope with this huge, vile mess.

Schedule recap, updated to new information:

8/20 - Fly to Omaha, business trip as planned
8/25 - Fly back from Omaha
8/29 - Fly to Chicago, Worldcon as planned
9/3 - Fly to Baltimore
9/4 - Pre-operative telephone consultation
9/7 - Appointment at Johns Hopkins
9/9 - Fly back to Portland
Week of 9/10 - Follow-up CT scan
9/11 - Port implant surgery, probably with 6:00 am (ish) reporting time for me, to be confirmed
9/14 - First chemo session with FOLFOX+, through Sunday 9/16
9/28 - Second chemo session, through Sunday 9/3
Four additional sessions of FOLFOX+, roughly through the end of November
Followup CT scan in early December
Surgery in late December or early January
Six sessions of FOLFOX+, roughly February through April

Again and as always, one foot in front of the other.


[travel|food] Open dinner in Baltimore, MD

I will be in Baltimore, MD after Worldcon, for a second opinion cancer consultation at Johns Hopkins Friday, September 7th. I am declaring an Open Dinner in Baltimore the evening of Tuesday, September 4th — the day after Labor Day. We'll meet at 7 pm at Ryan's Daughter, an Irish pub on East Belvedere Avenue in north Baltimore.

This will be my last open dinner before at least May of next year.

Please let me know if you think you'll be there.