September 10th, 2012


[links] Link salad is going back to the house of the rising sun

Government Zombie Promos Are Spreading

Santorini Volcano Fills With Most Magma Since Last Eruption

Clays in Pacific lavas back drier early Mars

The sun in a spacewalker's hand — (Thanks to David Goldman.)

Geography Strikes BackTo understand today's global conflicts, forget economics and technology and take a hard look at a map.

Within Hours, Mitt Romney Takes Back Everything He Said About Preexisting Conditions — But he's not a flip-flopper. Remember, kids, only Democrats can be flip-floppers.

?otD: Have you told your children not to do what I have done?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (weekend off)
Body movement: 0 minutes (urban walking to come)
Hours slept: 5.0 (interrupted)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: Heartland by Mark Teppo


[cancer|personal] Another busy day, more busy people

Back to real life today. Not much posting today, nor likely tomorrow, due to busy-ness. Shortly, Lisa Costello, Ace Jordyn and I are heading for Goddard Space Flight Center for a tour, including possibly of the test facilities, time permitting and our two contacts being able to integrate. Then we'll be over to Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center for my surgical oncology consult, and possibly a meeting with an oncological nutritionist.

Tomorrow, Ace and I will fly to Portland. The week is filled with other appointments, including port implant surgery on Friday.

I may know today if we're likely to change the treatment course from the current plan, but assuming nothing does change, I'll start chemotherapy on September 21st. So, yeah, a lot to do.

More to come from me with details over the next few days as my time begins to be more flexible.