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[links] Link salad really doesn't mind if you sit this one out

A review of my short story "'Hello,' said the Gun"

Missing directions: Will Apple's old maps app live on forever?Google Maps on iOS has been replaced with Apple's own technology, but that doesn't mean it's disappearing entirely. There's a real simple solution. Give us back our god damned Google Maps in iOS6.

A Startup Tries to Make a Better Artificial BrainVicarious thinks it can mimic the brain to create software that learns to see as we do. But will it be available in time to give Mitt "Roll Down the Windows" Romney the help he so desperately needs?

This is Scary: Scientists find a way to erase frightening memories — Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind? (Via KOF.)

Anti-GMO researchers used science publication to manipulate the pressResearchers handed media a flawed paper, but forbid any consulting of experts. Apparently that item I recently linked to about organic food risks was fixed. This is the kind of bullshit conservatives pull, those of us in the reality-based community need to vigorously reject it from our own side.

Cancer-fighting Robots — DNA robots. Cool. (Via David Goldman.)

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers — Hmm. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Young cancer survivors often forgo medical care due to costsMany survivors of adolescent and young adult cancers avoid routine medical care because it's too expensive, despite the fact that most have health insurance. That is the conclusion of a new study published early online in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society. The results indicate that expanding insurance coverage for young cancer survivors may be insufficient to safeguard their long-term health without efforts to reduce their medical cost burdens. Best medical care system in the world. Just ask any conservative who's never been seriously ill, they'll tell you what a bunch of socialist moochers America's sick are. (Thanks [info]danjite.)

The Saunders-Roe SR.A/1 flying boat fighter, circa 1947

First aircraft carrier commissioned — China has blue water force projection.

Not all sins are stupid and not all stupidity is sinful, but young-earth creationism is both

“I’m Dreaming of a White President”: Randy Newman on His New Song — Wow. Um. (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

State Rep. Mike Horner ends campaign after being named in racketeering, prostitution case — This is why Sarah Palin's "real Americans" vote straight party line Republican. Because ethics. I'm sure the FOX News chiron on this one says Horner is a Democrat, despite his GOP party affiliation.

Congress' most inept crook tries to hide evidence ... with Wite-Out — Speaking of Republican ethics.

The Ballot CopsThirty years ago, the Republican National Committee was accused of violating the Voting Rights Act and ordered to cease its “ballot security” efforts. Now an organization called True the Vote wants to pick up where the RNC left off, by building a nationwide army to root out voter fraud—or, some would say, to suppress voter turnout. Because in order to succeed as a conservative, you have to block democracy at ever turn. If GOP ideas had merit on their own terms, the party wouldn't be engaging in wholesale voter suppression nationwide.

The Reasons Why the GOP Nominates the Candidates It Does — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison is interesting, as usual.

Hard Core Talk-Radio Conservatives Elevated Mitt Romney — The dominant voice in Your Liberal Media controls the political agenda in this country, as they have for years. That's the glory of the conservatives' self-victimizing "liberal media" meme — it allows them that control without any accountability.

Study: Fact-checkers find Romney/GOP lie twice as much as Democrats — What amazes me about this election cycle is that conservatives no longer even pretend to care about the truth. Anti-Obama rhetoric from "We didn't build that" to the condemnation of the Cairo embassy apology are flat-out, knowing lies. And no one cares. It's all about making the sound-bite hit. When you can't run on ideas, run on lies.

Mitt Romney, On 60 Minutes, Cites Emergency Room As Health Care Option For Uninsured — How many lies and flip-flops does R. Money have to tell before character counts for him? I remember clearly when the GOP was all over lying as evidence of bad Democratic character. Apparently bearing false witness in the conservative cause doesn't matter.

A Plane Window into the Soul of the Romneybot — How stupid can Mitt really be? Roll the windows down? This stupid? George W. Bush class stupid. Dan Quayle class stupid. And he's running for president?

Top Ten Mitt Romney Solutions to our Problems — The really cool thing about being a Republican is that when your party stands firmly for anti-intellectualism and is proud that the smart people aren't on your side, the stupid doesn't burn any more. It's a wonderful mental insulator, conservatism.

?otD: Is my word but a whisper, is your deafness a shout?

Writing time yesterday: 0 hours (post-chemo recovery)
Body movement: 0.5 hours stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.0 (interrupted, with napping)
Weight: n/a (forgot to weigh)
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[cancer] A bit more recovery from chemo

I was reasonably energetic until about 3:30 yesterday, after which I was out of gas. That being said, I wasn't miserable, just flat flat flat. [info]tillyjane was over helping [info]the_child with her homework, while Ace Jordyn made a lovely dinner based on Jersey Girl in Portland's homemade sauerkraut. I just laid around and twitched, though I did summon up the energy for some unusual (on the first day after chemo, I mean) lower GI activity. As I said on Twitter last night, being on chemo is like winning the toilet paper lottery.

Also, [info]the_child and Ace Jordyn sewed on the first two bells yesterday evening.



Taking [info]mlerules to the airport this morning, then a full day of work, then I'm going to try to do a little writing. We'll see if the post-chemo fog has lifted. Early dinner with my parents tonight, then early bedtime.

I feel ok. But then, this is just the beginning.

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[culture|religion] The modern persecution by the Christians

One of the more ridiculous things I hear from some of my Christian friends on a reasonably consistent basis is that they are being persecuted for their religion. I realize that persecution is an important Christian meme from the earliest days of the Church, and telling themselves this is comforting and self-valorizing. But let's talk about persecution for a little while.

As a Christian, are you prevented from marrying the person you love by the rules of your country's dominant religion? My gay and lesbian friends are. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a Christian, are your efforts to seek political and legal equality stymied by rhetoric from houses of worship on every street corner, and millions of dollars in a political funds from tax-exempt entries? My gay and lesbian friends are. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a woman seeking basic reproductive health services, are your choices limited and controlled and banned by government interference between you and your doctor, those bans and controls coming from your country's dominant religion? My female friends are. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a religious minority seeking to practice your own religion in peace, are you constantly subject to prayers, religious observances and public holidays as established by the rules of your country's dominant religion? My Jewish and Islamic and Sikh friends are. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a religious minority seeking to establish a house of worship consistent with real estate and zoning practices in a major American city, are you prevented from doing so by a massive public outcry led by practitioners of your country's dominant religion? My Islamic and Sikh friends have repeatedly endured this. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a religious minority voting in state and national elections, are your choices almost always between two members of your country's dominant religion? My Jewish and Islamic and Sikh friends find that to be so. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a religious minority being sworn into a rarely-elected office, or to testify in court, are you required and expected to swear on the sacred text of your country's dominant religion? If you try to use your own sacred text, are you subject to mockery and derision? My Jewish and Islamic and Sikh friends find that to be so. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As an atheist who polls as the leased trusted group in America, how would you feel about despised and distrusted? That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

As a student trying to learn to be competitive in the high tech future, are you subjected to counterfactual faith-based teachings in math and science class thanks to the meddling of your country's dominant religion with its persistent, pernicious confusion of faith-based belief with objective reality? Students across America are every day. That's persecution by Christians, not of Christians.

The next time you complain about a minor erosion in the absolute social dominance of Christianity as being a form of persecution, take a moment to think, really think, what it still means to be a non-Christian in America. Trading away a small bit of your power for the self-respect and social safety of others isn't persecution, it's loving compromise.