November 16th, 2012


[links] Link salad is a cat that really was gone

Google's maps app for iOS in near final testingA new report says Google is putting the finishing touches on its maps application for Apple's iOS platform. God, I hope so. Then I can dump fricking Apple Maps.

Rare Meteorites Born In Asteroid Crashes — Cool!

Astronomer Tycho Brahe 'not poisoned', says expertThe 16th-Century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe is unlikely to have been poisoned, according to a researcher studying his remains.

$1.5M in iPad minis stolen from JFK airport in 'GoodFellas' style heist

We Need to Retreat From the Beach — I have often questioned the wisdom of rebuilding in flood zones. Hopefully the Tea Party can take some leadership here and insist that the government keep its hands off their roads and power and sewer and other infrastructure needs.

It’s time to end the federal war on drugs — Hey. [info]ericjamesstone and I agree on something.

5 Reasons Why the Christian Right Is Warning of a 'Revolution' — Because crying 'havoc' is easier than getting along with people who don't look and act like you. Also, it generates more fund raising.

Top Georgia GOP Lawmakers Host Briefing on Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot — Yes, this is your Republican party. Welcome to the nut house. These are not sane people. And they have the respectability to mount closed door briefings for state senates.

Outgoing Maine GOP Chair Plans To Investigate Alleged Voter Fraud By ‘Black People’ — See? Conservatives aren't racist! Besides, I'm pretty sure the term he wanted was "blah people".

Maine GOP chairman sorry for voter fraud comments — If you weren't a racist asshat in the first place, you'd have less to apologize for.

Still waiting for conservatives and Republicans repudiating voter suppressionThe GOP voter suppression effort was so blatant, so dishonorable, and so nearly successful that it deserves response. In too many states, GOP governors and secretaries of state sought to manipulate the mechanics of the voting process to hinder low-income, African-American, and Latino voters from casting their ballots. It's because they cannot win on ideas. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Republicans Want 'Stuff' TooBut [interest groups who are predominantly white, predominantly male, and rooted, electorally, in the old Confederacy] too want "stuff." They want the right to discriminate against gay families. They want the right to enact poll-taxing. They want the law to force all pregnant women into labor. That many Americans disagree can only be the result of Chicago-style bribery. I win or you cheated.

Top Republicans say Romney didn't offer specifics — Gee, ya think? No one on the Right was willing to admit that the emperor had no clothes during the Romney campaign, that's for sure. They had "plans", but the math was too complicated. Or something. And he's certainly turning out to be a lousy ex-candidate.

?otD: Who was Russian's favorite love machine?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Hours slept: 9.25 hours (8.25 hours solid plus napping)
Weight: 219.8
Number of FEMA troops on my block confiscating guns and enforcing gay marriage: 0
Currently reading: Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold


[awards|writing] The Audie Award arrives at Neuvo Rancho Lake

Yesterday, my friend and editor/publisher Steve Feldberg of sent me this:


As some of you may remember, METAtropolis: Cascadia won the Audie award last spring for Best Original Work. The follow-on volume to the John Scalzi-edited METAtropolis, this was edited by me, and contains the warm prose stylings of Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Mary Robinette Kowal, Ken Scholes, and Karl Schroeder, as well as myself.

So this is pretty darned neat. I hadn't realized I'd eventually be getting a gorgeous doodad for my brag shelf. And such a gorgeous doodad it is, albeit hard to photograph. Also a nice little bit of ego boo, as well as additional incentive to finish the first draft of "Rock of Ages", my METAtropolis: Green Space story in progress. (Which, yes, I should be able to put the wrap on this coming week.)

This also makes me reflective. Thanks to my illness, my career as it has been constituted is effectively over. None of my books ever caught fire enough to keep me on the upward growth trajectory required to maintain shelf space in trade publishing these days. Cancer has kept me too sick to do a redirect in a timely fashion. My ability to write more books — in any genre or sub-genre ‐ is significantly at risk, given my treatment courses and life expectancy. More to the point, my ability to deliver them in a contracted, timely fashion is significantly at risk.

At this point, unless I make a full recovery from cancer and can take half a dozen years to make a serious run at a restart, the writing career I'd dreamed of and was at least somewhat on track for a serious attempt at is gone. I'm not finished, not by any stretch. I'll continue to at least produce short fiction until I'm too sick to do even that. I have books in my head, some of which may get written collaboratively. And I've already done a hell of a lot. Six novels from Tor, four independent novels, more short stories than I can count, dozens of Year's Best appearances. Won the Campbell Award. Won the Audie Award. Been nominated for a boatload of stuff from the topline down. Hosted both the Hugo Awards and the World Fantasy Awards. (If I could toastmaster the Nebulas, that would be the trifecta.)

It's really hard to complain. I regret nothing, except for the future that is being stolen from me week by week, month by month, cell by cell.

I want to live. I want to watch my daughter grow up. I want to write more and be read. Those things are slowly becoming too much to ask.

Still, I am proud of myself and what I've accomplished. Thank you, Steve Feldberg and, for sending me this bit of memory.

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[cancer] This just in, I still have cancer; plus miscellaneous updates

I've spent most of this week sleeping on Lorazepam. Not my favorite thing to do for a variety of reasons both clinical and personal, but I had tried to sleep on my own Monday night and failed miserably. Given the ravages of chemotherapy on my body, a missed night's sleep is a profound disaster. I have no reserves, basically, and cannot overcome the deficit. So, at the urgings of Lisa Costello, I have been popping the pills.

Hates it, I does.

(FWIW, Lorazepam is not a sleep aid, per se, at least not so far as I know. It's prescribed to me as both an anti-nausea agent and an anti-anxiety agent. However, if I take one and lie down in the dark, I will sleep eight to ten hours, generally without interruption except for urgent biological necessity. For me, it's not so much a sleeping pill as a not-waking-up pill. I just resent the need for such chemical intervention, being in my baseline health a champion sleeper with no problems at all in that department.)

Also, yesterday, N—, sometime of Book Universe, very generously delivered a donated piece of household gear that will make certain of the more unspeakable aspects of my chemotherapy experience a lot less unspeakable. My profound thanks to them for their time, trouble and care.

Workie bits today, and the weekend beckons, with even modest socialization.