March 13th, 2013


[links] Link salad refuses to freeze its soup and nuts

A review of Endurance — A review with a very curious approach.

The First 10 Pages: Science Fiction & Fantasy Boot Camp: 3/26/13 - 3/28/13 — An online course I am etching with writer (and friend) Phil Athans and agent Carlie Webber. Phil comments at length.

Widespread Flaws Found in Ovarian Cancer Treatment — Sigh.

French Toilet Paper Ad: 'Emma' By Le Trefle Proves Both French Husbands & Technology Wrong — Hahahaha! (Thanks to Lisa Costello.)

“W T Warren Testing Helmet 1912” — Um, ok.

Seagulls — Drones in love. (Via [info]goulo.)

Ukrainian Killer Dolphins Deserted to Seek Mates - Expert — Um, wow.

Neanderthal large eyes 'made them extinct'No one knows what it's like/To be the bad man/To be the sad man/Behind blue eyes

Mars rock yields building blocks of lifeNASA says the Curiosity rover detected six elements in a rock that indicated Mars once had a habitable environment with plenty of water.

Google Concedes That Drive-by Prying Violated Privacy — This has been percolating for a while.

Raging on the Web May Not Really Make Us Feel Better — Huh. Who knew? I guess we'll all have to back to yelling at the teepee.

No burden, no regret in ‘fair, respectful, equal’I have never seen anyone who described their former support for marriage equality as an oppressive weight or burden that they were later joyously relieved to be rid of. I have never seen anyone weep with remorse and regret for the votes they cast or the words they once spoke in support of equal rights. I don’t recall seeing anyone moving in that direction at all.

Illinois Republican: Gun control ‘exactly’ like castration — Ah, the cool logic of the gun culture once again expresses itself. Saving 30,000 lives a year can't possibly be worth this much trouble, eh? (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Richard Nixon Wished for Total Handgun Ban — And he presided over the founding of the EPA. I sometimes wonder how we'd view Nixon now if he hadn't left office under a criminal cloud. (Via [info]ericjamesstone.)

Falsity of Nuclear Accusation against Iraq Was Known before Bush’s Invasion — Well, duh. They knew they were lying about it. But evidence-based reality was never a high priority for the Bush administration, being as how they were Republicans and all. The kindest interpretation I've ever come up with is that they were certain Saddam had nukes, and were doing the political equivalent of kiting a check, figuring once they found the goods, no one would care later that the initial evidence was false.

QotD?: What's the coldest you've ever been?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hours (revisions and 900 additional words to "King of the Kingless", to 4,000 words)
Hours slept: 7.0 hours (fitful)
Body movement: 0.0 hours (19 degrees and snowing outside, what do you think?)
Weight: n/a (away from home)
Number of FEMA troops on my block escorting ACORN thugs to steal the votes of "Real Americans": 0
Currently reading: Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett


[events] Teaching an online course

On March 26th through March 28th, I will be doing something new for me. I'm co-teaching an online course from Writers Digest University, The First 10 Pages: Science Fiction & Fantasy Boot Camp: 3/26/13 - 3/28/13. This will led by writer (and friend) Phil Athans, with assistance from agent Carlie Webber and myself.

I've done a ton of workshopping over the years, and enjoyed it a great deal. I've done private critique and mentoring. But I've never done online teaching. So this will be a new experience for me. Hopefully a good one for both me and the course participants.

Check it out, if you're at a career development stage where this might be useful. And if you know anyone who could benefit, pass the word.