November 29th, 2013


[links] Link salad will stand down by the door when Black Friday comes

30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever — Some of these really hurt to look at. (Thanks to Lezli Robyn.)

Mysteriously Intact T. Rex Tissue Finally Explained — Huh.

Scientists use GPS-equipped cars to measure rainfall

Glaciers Sizzle, Squirt Bubbles When Melting To Create Loudest Marine Environment; These Sounds Could Help To Measure Ice Melt

Right wing hissy fit for T-DaySo the right wing is clutching its pearls over the fact that the president used the term "teabagger". The humanity. That would be a term that originated with the right. That the president was quoting from a conservative source. Yep, definitely out of line, talking about the right in its own words. Ask any conservative, they’ll tell you.

?otD: Will you be on the road?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (chemo brain)
Hours slept: 8.0 hours (interrupted)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Weight: 241.8
Number of FEMA troops on my block closing down donut shops: 0
Currently reading: n/a (chemo brain)


[cancer] Today we plan, tomorrow may never come

Today, [info]mikigarrison is sitting down with me and Dad to prioritize the research she and Janet Freeman-Daily have done into clinical trials on my behalf.

I was thinking yesterday somewhere during our joyous and delicious family-and-friends Thanksgiving dinner how much the fact of my death distorts everything around me. It is a leaden weight on the fabric of my life, a singularity into which everything I am, I do, and I love, is slowly collapsing until my own personal event horizons swallows me up.

We are all born to die. I've just had the dubious privilege of examining my death in very slow motion, incrementally, for almost six years now. Everything that happens these days happens for the last time (probably). I go through the motions of my life because I do not know what else to do. And because I want to live tomorrow, I live today.

So today we plan.