Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Chemotherapy: Leucovorin, Oxaliplatin, and spoons

I am now on a two hour drip of Leucovorin and Oxaliplatin. The Leucovorin is a vitamin complex that improves the uptake and effectiveness of the Oxaliplatin. Meanwhile, bordedom was staved off by the arrival of lillypond (a/k/a my sister) and the presentation by shelly_rae and calendula_witch of several dozen spoons sent along by friends and well-wishers from many places around the country and the world. We read a number of funny, moving and thoughtful notes, and marveled at the variety of spoons that made their way to my lap.

(Photos to follow soon, of course.)

I am touched. Moved. Overwhelmed. You guys are made of unalloyed, high-tensile awesome.

Tags: calendula, cancer, cool, family, health

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