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[links] Link salad drifts through day two of chemo session one

Jay Lake Receives John W Dalmas Award — This brought tears to my eyes when I received the email this morning. RadCon is one of my 'home' conventions, and I have been attending for many years, often serving as Toastmaster and chief troublemaker. Unfortunately I won't be there to accept the Dalmas Award this year due to my chemotherapy for metastatic colon cancer, but Shannon Page, my life partner, will be accepting for me.

martyn44 with the most snarkalicious review evar of Avatar yet

How to Photograph the EarthPhotos from near space for less than $150. I believe I posted something else about this before, but I'd love to do this, maybe this summer when I'm over chemo. I think the Pacific Northwest sf/f writer and fan community needs a space program.

Calvin and Hobbes on tails — And perhaps the last word on neckties. Furries take note.

90 Percent Of Languages Will Be Extinct Next Century - And That's Good — Hmm...

Top Ten Anti-Christian Attacks in 2009 — An interesting view from the Christian right. I read this as a combination of paranoia, and resentment at having their own rights to commit hate speech curbed. This is a nation which heavily privileges Christian belief and Christian speech. (Very simple example: How many avowed atheists hold elective political office? How many avowed Christians do?) To pretend otherwise is disingenous fearmongering.

?otD: How much is that dogie in the window?

Body movement: Suburban walk of unknown length forthcoming
Hours slept: 9.0
This morning's weigh-in: 227.4
Currently reading: Bangkok 8 by John Burdett

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