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[cancer] Chemotherapy, the overnight and day 2 experience

Well, last night was slow and difficult. As I believe I reported earlier, about three hours into the infusion session I became rather fog headed. That persisted until the later afternoon, after we'd been home a while. Still, I managed to eat a light, delicious meal and generally be conversational, without moving around much.

We all dropped off to sleep pretty early. I elected to sleep propped up in the easy chair, figuring that if I took to the bed I'd risk rolling over and screwing up the lines on the infusion pump. Despite some misgivings, I took a Lorazepam to help me sleep and combat any incipient nausea.

I slept nine hours, which is very unusual for me. I assume it's a combination of infusion fatigue and Lorazepam, and figure on something similar tonight. Been rather chipper this morning, much to my surprise. Side effects, at least here in session one, have been muted so far, though I know they are cumulative.

Basically, I am experiencing extreme fatigue and lassitude. Even getting out of the chair is difficult. As a result, I plan to go walking with calendula_witch and shelly_rae when shelly_rae gets back from taking the_child to the OMSI and lunch. Because, you know, exercise combats fatigue. I don't expect to make my baseline three mile walk, but we'll see.

I also had a pretty sharp headache last night. Today it's still present, but much more dull. The chemobrain continues today in my slowness at processing written information. I'm conversationally pretty sharp, but it took me all morning to make my two basic morning blog posts. Clearly I'm not firing on all cylinders. I've decided not to work on Our Lady of The Islands today, given the difficulties I'm experiencing.

In other departments, no nausea whatsoever. A bit of queasiness here and there, but not associated with food intake or smells. I am experiencing constipation, which will be significant by tonight, but I'm addressing it with my array of increasingly powerful laxative solutions ranging from "come on out, boy" to "weapons grade". Also happy to report some sexual function this morning, which amazed all concerned. Even though we are now functioning under "Toxic Avenger" rules, which are annoying, to say the least.

Anyway, going to see what the day brings, and assume much the same for tomorrow, until the pump unhooks in the afternoon. Peace and health to you all.

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