Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[food] Looking for Portland restaurant recommendations, especially from former Austinites

Even after ten years here, there's several things I can't find in Portland that I'd really like. I'm looking for recommendations from other Oregonians (or visitors) about where to find the following:

Fried Pickles. This would be battered, Southern fried pickles. I prefer dill chips, but spears are okay. Big Daddy's used to serve them, before the place folded. I used to eat them at Threadgill's in Austin.

Austin-style Tex-Mex. Damn, I miss Chuy's, and the Hula Hut. Chevy's comes sort of close, but it's a chain. Does anyone know where to get Austin-style Tex-Mex, with freshmade flour tortillas, here in Portland?

Midwestern Pork Sandwiches. The White Horse used to serve these, but it folded years ago. I get them several places in Omaha, but I haven't found anywhere else in Portland to enjoy battered pork goodness on a burger prep bun.

Thoughts? Recommendations? This is high end junk food people, it requires dedication and deliberation.

Tags: food, omaha, portland, texas

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