Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|cancer] The day after concluding chemo session one

shelly_rae and I just took calendula_witch to the airport for her return to San Francisco. She has time with her aunt from Italy, then a weekend coming up with markferrari. I'll be putting shelly_rae on a train Wednesday. scarlettina shows up then to visit for a few days, then I might possibly make a weekend trip to Seattle my own self, health and energy permitting. That's about the last out of town thing I expect to do until next July, with the possible exception of attending Rainforest Writers Village, health and energy permitting.

Today after chemo I feel run down. Had a significant (though not awful) physical crash last night, and a mild emotional crash. Melancholy this morning, dogged by digestive oddness, but really I don't feel much worse than I would after a bad meal and poor night's sleep. I did experience a spot of nausea right before falling asleep last night, but I rode it out.

Working the Day Jobbe today, but not being too demanding of myself. Didn't get my walk in this morning due to the airport run, but I'll try to clock three miles this afternoon. This is normal life for me now, and will be for months to come.

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