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Jay Lake

[cancer] Healthcare reform, and a question for my conservative friends

Sitting here in the chemo chair, reading the political news about HCR. It's discouraging.

Republicans have provided blanket opposition to the healthcare reform effort from the get-go, with only the vaguest token proposals of their own, those being rhetorical roadblocks lacking in either detail or serious intent. Now, because of a single special election, Democrats have lost their nerve. The Senate is talking about taking the ban on pre-existing conditions limitations out of the bill. I'm not sure what the status is on lifetime coverage limitations.

To my conservative friends who believe the current system is "best in the world", and to the Democrats in Washington who have lost their spines, why do you think limits on pre-existing condition and lifetime coverage are a good idea? What is appropriate about putting people like me in a box that says, "go bankrupt, then die"? How does the vaunted free market solve my issues?

Please, tell me why this ok. Tell me why this is the "best in the world". Because when you oppose HCR without any decent alternatives, or when you chicken out on this process, you're telling me that it's too bad that I get to go broke, then croak.

Even if you honestly believe that market forces are the best way to dictate my fate, that it's too bad I'm one of the eggs that gets broken in making the omelet of market-based healthcare, sheer self interest should suggest that you might be in my position someday. What will you do then?

So tell me, why is this ok?

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