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[help] Network issues here at Nuevo Rancho Lake

ETA: Eventually my chemo-addled brain realized I could turn everything in the house off, in case something on the local network was creating a packet storm that borked out the WAPs. Wii, four networked printers and five networked computers later, I have Internet back. Will not bother to run down suspect device right now to identify root cause, but I believe it's one of the two oldest printers.

Anyway, problem solved for now.

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Severe network issues here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. Both primary and backup WAPs are declining connections. I am normally pretty good at the voodoo dance of network troubleshooting, having been a sysadmin at several points in my career, but not with my brain being fried by 2.3 ml of 5FU being delivered by pump every hour. I have neither the mental acuity nor the physical energy to do all the requite component isolation, power cycling, and possible help desk calling to either Cisco or Comcast.

If any Portland peeps with mad networking skillz have time to come over today and do the network dance, I would be profoundly grateful.

Until this is resolved, expect very light blogging from me, calendula_witch or shelly_rae, who arrives in a few hours.

Grr. Of all days to have to deal with this...
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