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[links] Link salad flows down the river of night's dreaming

For the Love of CultureGoogle, copyright, and our future. Nice write up, and terrific apologia for Google. Unfortunately, Lessig is conveniently ignoring the core evil of the Google Books settlement, which is the creation of a proactive license assertable by a third party without a copyright owner's knowledge or assent. (Via @daskey.)

The Neural Advantage of Speaking Two LanguagesBilingual people process certain words faster than others. Ah, American monolingualism. (Via Scrivener's Error.)

The Monsted Vincent MV-1 Starflight, 1948 — From x planes, this is just cool in a subtle way.

Will the United States Return to the Moon?Rumors suggest that the Obama administration won't fund NASA's lunar plans.

SETI at the Royal Society — I love the notion of a "shadow biosphere". I've run into the concept before, but not the label, which is perfect. And so terribly SFnal.

Presidential assassinations of U.S. citizens — "Terror" is such a magic word that it makes monsters of us all. The Republicans led us into this mess, but the Democrats have proven no better.

?otD: Do the sun and light come streaming into your life?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.5
This morning's weigh-in: 225.6
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