Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[help] FINAL UPDATE: Call for Portland peeps on 1/30

I am looking to move some furniture between two rooms of my house, definitely on Saturday, January 30th. Due to chemotherapy, I'll be pretty useless for this except as a traffic director, and the effort involves both some heavy lifting and some cleverness as most of my tech gear will be relocating in the process. Will take some hours, I expect, all told.

Anybody in for beer and pizza and maybe some free books? (Other foods as well for those not on a beer-and-pizza diet.) Let me know in comments, and I'll track by email as the week goes on.

Current plan is for a "first shift" around 10 am to break down files, move small stuff, etc., and generally clear the way. "Second shift" around noon to deal with large, bulky furniture type issues. And we have one item, a sofa, that need to be moved across town if someone has a van or truck. Updat: The planned truck fell through, so this is definitely an open item.

I've got some RSVPs already, but feel free to renew/remind me, even if you've already replied.

Thank you.

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