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[personal] Deranging Nuevo Rancho Lake

Yesterday was the Big Move here inside Nuevo Rancho Lake. Essentially, two rooms got swapped. This is part of a longer term plan to make the place less utterly bachelor and more friendly to houseguest, visitors and caregivers, most especially calendula_witch and shelly_rae. Other than my early morning exercise and bloggery, I spent the entire day with people, from 7 am to 6:30 pm.

It was exhausting. Well worth it, and the help of many kind and generous folks was amazing and invaluable, but woo. Everything I hoped for got done, and quite a bit more.

Trying to recapture everyone who had been here (why didn't I take notes...), I will essay a thank you. If my addled brain has left people out, please tell me!

But, erm, many many thanks to maclark2005, H—, tanuki_green, copperwise, TE and her husband JE (LJ handles?), Meran and Mr. Meran, David Goldman, Rob Kowal, tillyjane (a/k/a my mom), joycemocha, newroticgirl and biomekanic, and janetl (she who recently made and gifted me the hilarious cross stitch). Other names shamefully omitted to be added when my chemo fogged brain produces them, or someone reminds me.

This patient, able group of people with no help from me whatsoever swapped my two rooms, moved unreasonably heavy objects, organized my stuff, cleaned my garage and much of the rest of my house, repaired some damaged furniture, transported a sofa across town, finagled my network architecture, brought food and drink with them, went out to the store several times for supplies, rubbed my head and feet, let me sleep when I was dozing, listened to me repeat myself with redundant instructions from time to time without ever getting grumpy, and generally left both Nuevo Rancho Lake and me in much better shape than they'd found us.

I cannot possibly thank everyone enough. The amazing generosity of my family, friends, fans and total strangers is overwhelming.

You guys are awesome.

As for today, I shall finish blogging, work on Endurance for an hour or two, and then otherwise Do Nothing. mikigarrison arrives this afternoon for a visit, and I sincerely hope she plans on joining me in Doing Nothing, because that's what's on offer.

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