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[publishing] A few links and notes on Amazon vs Macmillan

seanan_mcguire on what authors control, as well as boycotts, one-star reviews, and other matters or less tangentially related to Amazonfail.

Amazon shares fall 7 pct on publishing fracas — Amazonfail has sucked three billion dollars in market capitalization out of the stock price.

The Kindle Missile Crisis — Nathan Bransford with some analysis of his own.

Levi Montgomery raises a point about author power which I hadn't consideredThirty years ago, if I read and loved your books, and they disappeared from the shelves of my local store, I would probably have never known why, nor what to do or whom to call. Things are different now. I need to mull this one over.

My take on why authors can't just switch publishing houses — In answer to a question which has been raised repeatedly. Yes, the question itself is a red herring. No, I have no desire to do so, have yet to see how Macmillan isn't working for the business interests I share with them. It's just an intellectual exercise, but may be useful to some folks.

Finally, some things I've learned about authors from reading what ebook-buying consumers from the pro-Amazon side of this dispute are saying.

  1. Authors are greedy

  2. Authors are rich

  3. Authors hate ebook readers

  4. Authors control pricing

  5. Authors control what their publishers do

  6. Authors should be punished for what their publisher does

  7. Authors are taking orders from their publishers' PR departments

  8. Authors should self-publish, because they'll make lots more money that way

  9. Authors don't know what they're talking about

  10. Authors aren't necessary

  11. Authors are bullying Amazon

This depresses me immensely, and reinforces what I said before about us authors looking greedy and short-sighted to consumers for whom we are the main public face of publishing.

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