Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] To sleep, perchance not to sleep

Well, after sleeping over nine hours Sunday night, and a solid hour over lunch Monday, last night I crashed down to six hours. And a fairly crappy six at that.

Sleep is both my greatest ally and my enemy during chemo. I need it badly. When I miss it, I'm worse than miserable. But I've gone from a normal, healthy six hours pre-chemo to eight hours most of the time and nine-to-ten during infusion weekends. In addition to lots of napping, quiet time, and general burnout due excessive exhaustion after about four or five in the afternoon.

As I've written before, this has stolen away all but an hour or two of my discretionary time per day.

Last night I truly felt like sleep was my jailor. Today I feel like it is my robber. I need it to be healthy, I'm not fighting this, but the frustrations of the process are myriad.

Stoopid cancer. Stoopid chemo.

(On the plus side, on account of not sleeping, I was able to get up and walk.)

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