Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Less sleep, more fail

Yesterday's digestive disasters translated into a rather difficult night's sleep. I shut it down about 7:30 pm, made it into bed about 8:00 pm after a lengthy pit stop, but didn't manage real sleep til about 12:30 am, with frequent trips to the small room, as I was going to damned if I took more Imodium. It was all filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing, but the business still kept me awake. Today not being a workday, I managed to sleep until almost 7:00 am.

shelly_rae and I went for a walk, then took the_child out to breakfast, but I'm running literally four or five hours behind my usual Saturday schedule, even allowing for chemo slowness.

On the plus side, while I'm a bit ragged, I got enough sleep to function without being miserable. We'll see how the GI holds up.

Tags: cancer, child, health, personal, shellyrae

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