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Jay Lake

[personal] News of the world, I'm not at RadCon edition

Various items of happiness and goodwill today. Dad and shelly_rae have managed the new curtains in the revised master bedroom here at Nuevo Rancho Lake. This will please calendula_witch, I believe.

Reports indicate that I received the John W. Dalmas Award at RadCon during opening ceremonies last night. calendula_witch accepted for me, was beautiful and gracious in her speechifying, and tells me that the award itself is very pretty. Thank you to all my friends, fans and family of choice at RadCon.

Rumor also has it that Marti McKenna and bhagwanx have conspired with a cast of dozens to buy me an iPad when the devices come out. I'd say I was speechless, which was true last night. (Actually, at first I thought this was a Bob Brown joke on me, in the finest RadCon tradition.) Now I'm somewhere between touched, embarrassed and feeling profoundly loved by my friends.

Thank you.

And a much better thank you to come, when I understand the details more. You guys are awesome.

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