Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Chemotherapy: it's just like the masochism tango!

Going on four hours without significant lower GI issues for the first time since Wednesday. God it feels good to stay out of the bathroom for more than 90 minutes at a stretch.

Thanks to chemo and its discontents, last night was another crappy round of sleepfail. Got enough shut-eye in to survive the day without melting down utterly, though I haven't stirred from the chair since returning from Valentine's Day breakfast with shelly_rae.

In the department of other small, annoying things that will likely later turn into larger, more annoying things, I note that my nasal passages have been incredibly dry lately. Both the inside of my nose and the inside of my mouth have begun to develop small, transient sores on an alarmingly regular basis. This is also connected to the recent onset of nosebleeds, in part because I unthinkingly begin scratching at my nose. Oi.

Meanwhile, on the plus I have enjoyed that nice breakfast, and since some leftover Peking duck. And oddly, the body decided to rejoin the libido briefly this weekend, which was welcome, and both symbolically and practically pleasing. Chemo doesn't always keep everything it steals away.

Have I mentioned that chemo sucks?

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