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[personal|cancer] And the days go by on Dagobah

Another pretty good day on the chemo side effects front. The schedule, however, took a hit. An afternoon visit to the clinic ran into overtime. I came home to an unexpected (and very welcome) appearance from my parents. One thing led to another, and I'd lost my writing time. Given that my right brain checks out for a four-to-five day vacation when I go onto the infusion tomorrow, that's pretty much it for Endurance until the middle of next week.


Still on track for scheduled delivery of the book to my publishing overlords at Tor, but I detest these lacunae in my creative process.

In other news, put calendula_witch onto a plane this morning, to my great sadness. fjm is here til Monday, to my great delight. Then I turn to local friends and family to fill my need for a keeper until the deep chemo brain lifts, oh, about Tuesday or Wednesday. Next weekend, today's birthday girl shelly_rae is back. As an added bonus, garyomaha and elusivem are in town for a few days over next weekend as well. Fun will be had by all and sundry. Being the Pacific Northwest, the rainwet will also be having fun alongside the sundry.

Tired now, bone-tired, so sleep comes soon. Up in the morning to prep for chemo infusion 4 of 12, with a significant assist from fjm. Mom and Dad will take us in around 8. Sometime that morning the Cloud of Pharmaceutically-Induced Stupid will descend upon me, and I will likely drop off the Internets for the day except for some very stoned tweets. Some people find the CoP-IS tweets funny, I'm told.

Y'all play nice, in any event.

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