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[links] Link salad begins to mourn its golden locks

How Books Are Made — Charlie Stross explains it all to you. This dovetails nicely with my widely-linked recent piece on what my publisher does for me [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. Go read him. You will learn.

Old Lisbon (Not New Amsterdam)Strange Maps with an odd bit of centuries old New World fraud.

Hallucinatory Architecture of the Future — A nifty feature from Dark Roasted Blend.

Other Life in the Multiverse? — A crazy cool article from Centauri Dreams for all you skiffy geeks.

Rep. Henry Waxman makes remarks on health-care costs at White House health summit[Republican Rep.] Paul Ryan has a proposal right now to say that Medicare recipients in the future ought to have just a little voucher, and then they can shop for their own insurance. They can be prudent shoppers. Right. That's why I have cancer. Because I wasn't a prudent shopper, like a good conservative. And we know how transparent healthcare pricing is, right, to help me in my prudent shopping? Tell me again about this Republican "plan" for healthcare, because it sure as hell ain't connected to the medical reality I live in.

?otD: Where is my hairbrush?

Writing time yesterday: 60 minutes
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.0 (slept well)
This morning's weigh-in: 225.8
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 4/10
Currently reading: [between books]

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