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[cancer] Another decent day, progressing toward the weekend

Shedding day somewhat spilled into Thursday, but not catastrophically so. I had managed to wake up at 4 am and write again (revisions on Endurance), which in fact I did this morning as well. That seems to be a good time for me, as it's very low distraction and very high focus, at least compared to where my brain goes later in the day.

I was somewhat fatigued through the day. Visitors in the form of markbourne, garyomaha and elusivem were wonderful and welcome, but, erm, tiring. After a craving-driven pancake dinner at the Original Hotcake House, I was dropped off on my own for a very early bedtime. This is part is what enabled me to rise at 4 am this morning and indulge the Write Brain's need to write. I did sleep well except for a couple of urgent lower GI interruptions.

A couple of side effects I've been meaning to mention have been in play lately. One is pretty subtle; that my sense of my own body temperature seems to be too variable. I think I'm hot when I'm not, or vice versa. This is most at issue when trying to sleep, as I am not so aware of the problem when up, focusing and moving about in the world. The other is that lately I've had a harder and harder time taking my clusters of medications by mouth. Last night I literally choked on one pill, to the point of almost throwing up. I'm not aware of any actual trauma or soreness in my mouth and throat. This almost feels like a psychological reaction. But it's real, and it's annoying.

Working today, then some time this afternoon with garyomaha and elusivem. Tomorrow we're all trooping off to the train station, likely with the_child in tow, to pick up shelly_rae. Hooray! She says I'm the most energetic chemo patient she's ever seen. I say I'm not getting squat done and everything's a struggle.

The truth lies in a happy medium, I'm certain. Now, if I could only find a happy medium in the phone book under psychics. Of course, if she were really good, she'd call me first, right?

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