Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[chemo] The burning continues, much like Nero's Rome

My side effects have been degrading my quality of life today in some pretty significant ways. The mouth issues are now up to a continuous, low-grade burning sensation. I've developed a whopping headache. The "tennis ball" effect is back at the chest surgery site, while the chemo port is aching as well. It's a bunch of cumulative irritation and stress, all of which I can do nothing about.

And that's the frustrating part. I've learned how to manage the GI symptoms, though I don't always succeed. I know how to handle the fatigue. This stuff, though, I mostly must endure. If the mouth issues continue tomorrow, I'll call into the oncology clinic. shelly_rae says her dentist has a recommendation for easing the pain, which is also worth investigating.

Mostly, I hate this mouth stuff because it seems to get in the way of everything else.

In other news, I got in about three hours of writing today, revising Endurance, revising some short fiction, and doing some actual story marketing and send-outs for the first time since the surgery last November. Go, me! Chemo can batter me, but it cannot beat me. Or deep fry me. Or something.

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