Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Brief updatery on mouth and hair and other stuff

Hair is coming off at 3 pm today. There will be photos.

Mouth still hurts, but is down from burning to aching. Should be picking up Magic Mouthwash today. We shall see.

Lower GI has decided to remind me that's going for frequent flyer points on Air Porcelain (departures every half hour!). If the current trend keeps up, I may have a record setting day. Sigh.

The headache I've been living with for several days (very rare thing for me, even on chemo) is finally gone.

Also, weighed in at 229.0. This is up about four pounds in the last few days, despite eating two full meals in two days and copious crapping besides. I really don't understand my body sometimes.

Tags: cancer, health, personal

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