Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] Rain Forest Writers Workshop, Day 1

Having a lovely time here at the Rain Forest Writers Village. calendula_witch and I have a nice cabin with a lake view. We meet, as always, in the lounge. This morning I was up early enough to meet the least of the night owls heading out, in this case tbclone47 and mikigal. Dinner last night with jimvanpelt and jennifer_brozek, with kibitzery by kenscholes and criada, as well as various other folks.

I am really enjoying seeing lots of old friends and new here. bravado111, brendacooper, and so many more. Given the social isolation imposed by chemo, this is a huge mental and emotional vacation for me. Due to the chemo as well, I didn't have the time to take off from the Day Jobbe, so I'm working it these first two days, which is keeping my writing time down to about an hour a day. I'm planning to spend a lot more time writing tomorrow, and some Sunday morning before we all bail out for our respective homes. I am giving a presentation this afternoon on writing through adversity.

Endurance continues apace. Yesterday I got through all the plot note issues, and now have a readable draft. I hope to conclude one more deep read this weekend (I started it this morning) before sending it out to first readers on Sunday or Monday.

So, all good. I am happy we came.

Tags: books, calendula, cancer, conventions, endurance, health, personal, writing

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