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[links] Link salad under the mossy giants

Pinion has been Klausnered!

The Google Books Settlement as a flow chart — Hey, Sergei and Larry. How's that whole "Don't be evil" thing working out? Not so much, is it? At least evil pays well, right boys?

Nuclear Cannon: A Descendent of Orion — Somehow we always come back to Jules Verne.

Is it okay to ignore results from people you don’t trust? — Wow, this was thought provoking...

Humans must be to blame for climate change, say scientistsNo possible natural phenomenon could have caused the huge rise in temperatures experienced in last half-century In other news, reality continues its strong bias against conservative beliefs, strong opinions still not freely substitutable for either data or facts.

Back to the crash: The American economy has just had its worst decade since the 1930s — Golly, who was leading the nation during the past decade? Al Gore? Bill Clinton? Clearly this is all Obama's doing.

The Republicans' big lie about reconciliation — Huh. The GOP lies about policy to advance their politics. Also, this just in: sun sets in west.

Senator Bunning's Universe — Speaking of banal evil, more Republican fun and games. Now, the House has already passed a bill that, by exempting the assets of couples up to $7 million, would leave 99.75 percent of estates tax-free. But that doesn’t seem to be enough for Mr. Kyl; he’s willing to hold up desperately needed aid to the unemployed on behalf of the remaining 0.25 percent. That’s a very clear statement of priorities.

?otD: Have you ever seen the rain forest?

Writing time yesterday: 1 hour
Body movement: 45 minute trail hike
Hours slept: 7.25 (slept well)
This morning's weigh-in: n/a
Yesterday's chemo stress index: 2/10
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