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[conventions] Rain Forest Writers Village Day 2

Life in the rain forest continues apace. As shelly_rae pointed out, I'm farther from the infusion than I've ever been, due to the skip week. Some issues, like nonstop fatigue, still pertain. Other side effects have grown mild or disappeared. It's a vacation from hell, basically.

Worked again yesterday, as I don't have any paid time off left that I haven't already budgeted for other purposes such as chemo and the Australia/New Zealand trip. That went well enough. At 3 pm, right after quitting time, I led a session on Writing Through Adversity. That seemed to go over fairly good order. A nap, dinner later, then a book party in the lounge. I stayed up very late for me, almost til 9 pm. That was rough.

Various bits of good news in my inbox lately, most of it not yet announceable, but I'm happy. I am also officially car shopping to replace the current Genre car due to some unavoidable issues that are not worth fixing. Looking at rather used BMW convertibles at the moment.

This morning I was up stupid early, even with the late bedtime, so I had a nice long Skype with shelly_rae. We've managed to miss each other a lot lately due to an infelicity of scheduling, so it was good to catch up. Then back to oh-so-gently pry calendula_witch from her dreams of houses and my anger, after which we essayed one of the trails here, complete with several hundred feet of elevation. I fell twice, overextending my back the second time. This is very unlike me, which tells me I need to stay on better surfaces until I recover my kinesthetic sense in, oh, July or August.

I have also determined that I am planning to keep my head shaven or nearly so until post-chemo, because I want to get a scalp tattoo. I can't do the needles-and-blood thing before then. Tattoo will be a 3" or 4" biohazard symbol, with "FUCK CANCER". Because it will always be there, even after I have waist-length blonde hair again someday.

Meanwhile, it's time to write. Are you writing today?

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