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[writing] Endurance, and future projects update

Woke up at 2:30 today. Yeah, really. That's what happens when you fall asleep around 7:45 and only sleep a little over six hours. So I got up and worked on Endurance for a couple more hours. The draft is out to first readers now, hooray! I've asked for it back by 3/30 so I can get it into casacorona and arcaedia before the end of April. Chemo or no chemo, I can still kick a deadline's ass.

This afternoon I plan to write the initial outline of Kalimpura (the third Green book, following closely on Endurance). The voice is fresh in my head, in some perfectly obvious ways. And as previously mentioned, the plot and structure of the book largely fell together in my head on Sunday afternoon whilst talking to calendula_witch on the drive back from the Rain Forest Writers Village. So I will capture all this, then set it aside for a while, as I have a contracted novella due Real Soon Now as part of a Sekrit Projekt, as well as a spec novella that is grumbling hard to be written.

Can't tell you about the Sekrit Projekt of course, on account of it being Sekrit and all, but the spec novella is a take on a lost colony story that I haven't seen done before involving religion, science and cultural self-awareness. I'm sure it's been done, as virtually everything has, but I'm approaching it ab initio. In considering this piece, it's also become clear to me that I need to write it steampunk for a variety of good reasons which I mostly blame on Maureen McHugh. So, erm, lost colony steampunk religious fiction. Go, me!

In truth, I suspect this is a novel-sized idea, but as I have my next five novel projects mapped out, I am not writing an unplanned spec novel. Especially in the middle of chemo. For those wondering, those next five projects are:
  1. Kalimpura, the third Green book

  2. Sunspin, a high concept space opera trilogy

  3. Original Destiny, Manifest Sin, my magical Old West book of long lost fame

It is of course possible that contracted work will intervene, and I will probably tackle another collaborative novel or two in the midst of all this, but if I get Kalimpura drafted by the end of the summer, I can take the autumn and winter to tackle Sunspin, which I currently believe will clock in between 600,000 and 750,000 words in first draft. I can then revise Kalimpura for a spring, 2011 delivery to Tor, and still be a year ahead of my next contract book, which gives me loads of time to write Original Destiny, Manifest Sin. So fie on you, lost colony steampunk religious fiction novel, you will be a novella for now and you'll damned well like it.

I love being a writer. And cancer can kiss my ass.

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