Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] The brain, she fades oddly

Drove downtown today to have lunch with rachel_swirsky and Barry the Graphic Novelist. Lunch was very nice, with good company and good conversation. We talked politics, publishing, culture and food. I had fun.

The drive there and back, however, was a bit challenging. On the way there, the drawbridges were all up. I wound up on the Morrison Bridge, which Had Issues coming back down, the kind of issues that involve men in hard hats. Coming back out of lunch, I could not find my car in the parking garage.

I've never in my life gotten lost in a parking garage.

As it happens, this particular garage is built as a squared-off spiral with elevators at each corner. I parked on 8, went down to lunch, then came back up to 8 on a different elevator. Except it let me out on a different floor. Because, of course, delimiting floors on a spiral is rather arbitrary. Think about it for a second — took me fifteen minutes, plus a panicked phone call to calendula_witch, to figure everything out.

Oi. And this is a good week.

Teach me to hang around in parking garages.

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