Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Chemo infusion session 5, day 2

Yesterday wasn't as vegetative as normal for infusion day 2, as reported here by shelly_rae. Still, by the time we returned from lunch I was blown out. Did manage to Tweetsnark 2012, which was every bit as wretched and cliched as expected. Have been watching Clone Wars episodes to while away the empty hours.

Be off the pump sometime this afternoon. The bottle ritual will follow. Planning to do a little head/hair maintenance. Would like to shoot photos of the new Genre car, but that may be too ambitious for the day's energy budget. Mostly, as always with chemo, I veg.

Be well, or at least better than me.

Tags: cars, chemo, health, movies, personal, shellyrae

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