Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer] Writing, sleep, shedding

Wrote about 90 minutes yesterday on "The Stars Do Not Lie", my spec steampunk religious lost colony novella. I think I've found the voice. Damned thing is taking a lot of incidental research, though. And I'm writing very slowly. Not sure if that's voice-finding, cancer issues or what. We shall see.

After sleeping a bit short the past few nights, I also took a Lorazepam. Whee, 9.25 hours of sleep! My body obviously needed it, and I feel pretty decent this morning, but for someone who routinely sleeps 6 hours per night, that feels like such an utter waste of time. Needful, but frustrating. Part of the price of chemo.

In other news, early evidence suggests this is shedding day. Always a pleasant time in my chemo cycle. I'll spare everyone the details this time, barring unusual events. More unusual than normal, I should say.

Tags: cancer, health, personal, stories, writing

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