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[links] Link salad thinks about HCR

A rather spiffy review of Other Earths from jpsorrow — Edited by Nick Gevers and me.

Top 25 Most Ancient Historical Photographs — Some fascinating images here.

Why We Need to Dream — (Via @JESilverstein.)

For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature — (Thanks to danjite.)

Dark Matter is a nefarious liberal plot? — This is why people like me tend to assume conservatives are crazy, stupid or both. Because moronic crap like this gets spread.

Non Sequitur gets political again — In a very weird way. Also, note the portrait on the wall in the last panel. Heh.

Bernanke: Too big to fail a "pernicious" problem — Hmm. Bush administration. TARP. Bank bailout. Nope, must have imagined it. Can't remember a damned thing about conservatives or market self-regulation myself. Can you? Nope. Good thing the Tea Party knows who's responsible!

Menacing — Ah, opposition to HCR. If you've got nothing on the merits of the issue, personally threaten the opposition. Stay classy, conservative America. It's what you do best.

Entitlements Are Never Repealed — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on healthcare reform, and comparisons to the Civil Rights Act. He also makes some good observations about the ideological history of the two major parties, including connecting a few dots I hadn't connected before. As usual, I don't agree with everything he says, but it's a good read.

Deep South calls in Iran to cure its health bluesIn ground-breaking project, one of America’s poorest communities is turning to the Middle East to try to resolve its crisis. Iran's healthcare outcomes are much better than Mississippi's. As the article says, The southern state has the highest levels of child obesity, hypertension and teenage pregnancy in the US. More than 20% of its people have no health insurance. Both of Mississippi's Senators and three of the state's four Representatives oppose the healthcare reform measures in play now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it? This is how conservatives define a working healthcare system, apparently. Are Mississippi's outcomes what you want for your family, your friends, your state?

?otD: Do you really believe that having worse infant mortality outcomes than Iran is a success for market-based healthcare?

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